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With Quick’s Instant Deposit API, your merchants receive earned payments instantly or on a daily schedule.

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Why wait days for money you have already earned?

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To signup, your merchants simply click on the Quick widget which is embedded in your customer portal.

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Instant Payout

Get earned money instantly paid into your bank account via a connected debit card.

Scheduled Deposit

Instant Deposit

You are flexible, so why shouldn’t we? You can schedule when you would like your earned payments to be deposited into your bank account via a connected debit card.


What is Quick?
Quick is an F&I solutions platform for businesses globally. We provide financing and insurance to small and medium-sized businesses exclusively through partnerships with SaaS, PoS, ISV, and payment-enabled marketplace companies.
What is Instant Deposit and Scheduled Deposit?
If you don’t want to wait 1-2 business days to receive your money, you have a couple of options:
Instant Deposit and Scheduled Deposit.
Instant Deposit allows you to receive funds on-demand 24/7. Scheduled Deposit allows you to select an exact date and time that you would like to receive funds.
How do I sign up?
You cannot sign up directly on the Quick.me website; you can only apply through our embedded widget on our partners’ portals. Quick partners with Payment Processors, ISVs, and similar platforms.
What Debit Cards are Supported with Quick Instant Deposit?
Quick supports bank transfers to 60+ countries worldwide, and supports all Visa and Mastercard Credit or Debit Cards.
How do I connect my debit card?
Quick’s API allows users to instantly connect their bank account. Users will know immediately if their card is eligible for instant deposit.
Why is Instant Deposit or Scheduled Deposit unavailable? This can be due to any of the following reasons:
- You have not linked a bank account to Quick, or your bank account has not been verified yet.
- You have not confirmed your debit card, or your debit card is unsupported by our transaction network.
If my Instant Deposit was sent on a weekend, an evening, or after close of day, when will I get the funds?
Instant Deposit is connected to your debit card, so your funds are sent instantly, regardless of the day or time.

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