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Quick provides working capital to businesses exclusively through partnerships with SaaS and Point of Sale platforms.

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Max of $2,000 Fixed Fee

$12,000 Total Repayment Amount

Pay back with 10% of your daily receivables


Max of $4,000 Fixed Fee

$24,000 Total Repayment Amount

Pay back with 10% of your daily receivables


Max of $6,000 Fixed Fee

$36,000 Total Repayment Amount

Pay back with 10% of your daily receivables

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You only pay as you earn.

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quick faq

What is Quick?
Quick is a F&I solutions platform for businesses globally. We provide financing to small and medium-sized businesses exclusively through partnerships with SaaS, PoS, payment, and marketplace companies.
What kind of financing do you provide?
We provide working capital financing. To simply put, we finance based on a customer’s past credit card/online receivables.
How much do you finance?
We typically finance between $2,500 - $250,000. However, we can finance up to million or more if the customer’s receivables support that amount.
Do i need a collateral or good credit to receive financing?
We typically do not take a customer’s credit history into account nor do we require a collateral. Financing is solely dependent on a customer’s past and projected future revenues.
How do i apply?
You cannot apply directly on the website; You can only apply through our embedded widget on our partners’ portals. Our partners typically include payment platforms and providers.
What are the average interest rates?
Since this type of financing is not regarded as a loan, there are no interest rates per say. If a merchant receives funding of ,000, he/she can expect to pay back anywhere from $11,000 - $20,000.

** No hidden/additional fees. The repayment amount is the repayment amount.
How do i pay back the advance?
10% of all future receivables will be withheld toward the advance (by our partners), until we get back the full repayment amount. That way, customers pay back as they earn.
I am not based in the US, can i still apply?
Our mission is to ensure that businesses anywhere in the world receive the financing they need. With that said, we plan on phasing out to non-US countries in 2018. Hold tight! We’ll be in your neck of the woods shortly.

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